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  • Tease & Please – Discover Your Lover Special Edition


    Many have gone before you. Since many years the board game 'Discover Your Lover Classic Edition' has been a success in many countries. To give everyone the chance to play this beloved game, we've created an introductory Special Edition that contains 192 playing card. In case you haven't played it yet… accept the challenge and give your sexual relation a playful boost.

    Discover Your Lover (Special Edition Volume 1) takes you on a sexual journey with your partner, where enjoyment is essential. Using 192 questions and tasks, you and your partner will discover what the both of you really like. The game starts with affectionate, romantic tasks. The next level the game takes you to is the intimate level, things start to warm up now. Then towards the end of the game it's time for the passionate challenges, with sparkling action where nothing is a must but anything is possible. In a playful way barriers are broken and you will feel closer then ever before. Discover Your Lover is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, hilarious at times but never disrespectful. In this game everything can be played or adapted to your own liking.

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  • Tease & Please Open Hearted Sex Talk Cards


    Open hearted sex talk. You joke about sex with your friends but do you really tell them everything you do, think or have on your mind. How much are you willing to disclose about yourself and how good are you at guessing your friends’ state of mind. Sex Talk contains more that 100 surprising questions for some challenging moments, ready to play with anyone and anywhere you like. How openhearted do you dare to be.

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