Adrien Lastic – Palpitation App Controlled Vibrating Egg

Connect to unlimited pleasure with Adrien Lastic’s new vibrating egg: Palpitation. It’s controlled through our new Ad Love app. It works with ultra-vaginal vibration. Ergonomic model made with extra soft silicone for climax with deep vibrations.



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Adrien Lastic’s Palpitation vibrating egg is designed for vaginal use and to massage all erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, nipples and glans. Inserting it into the vagina is very simple and can be removed effortlessly thanks to the silicone cord on the bottom.

Also, the Palpitation engine is very powerful, so you can enjoy smooth and powerful vibrations. You choose between their nine function modes.

Its size makes it discreet, easy to transport and even having great power is silent. One of the most important points of Palpitation is touch silky and nice that it has, in addition, you can immerse underwater and experiment. This is achieved thanks to the silicone and ABS material with which it is manufactured.

Palpitation will become the best ally, for you and your partner. With its nine vibration modes you can play and do mischief at home or outside. With the new Adrien Lastic APP “AdLove”, you can control the toy without any problem, in addition, there are many more possibilities in it, with the remote mode you will personalize your experience to where the desire takes you.

To switch the vibrating egg into standby mode, press the button for three seconds.

Then, in standby mode, from the Ad Love application you can control the different vibration modes, on the other hand, you can also control the vibration modes through the Palpitation button.

Knowing this, you are ready to experience new sensations, and remember, do not forget to add a few drops of water-based lubricant when using the vibrating egg.


Remote control thousands of miles away.
Discover all the functions of the Ad Love App, personalize your experience.
Use it inside or outside the home.
Easy to use and clean.

Key Features:

100% Premium Super Soft Silicone and ABS
2 Powerful Motors
Mobile App
9 Vibration Modes
Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
Rechargeable by USB Cable
Waterproof IPX7


9 Vibration modes
1 Powerful motor
USB Rechargeable
Whisper quiet
Bluetooth connectivity use with mobile phone
Made from soft silicone
Ergonomic design