Baci Crotchless Jacquard Bodystocking One Size



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This erotic Crotchless Jacquard Bodystocking Queen Size from Baci Lingerie is made of fine-meshed, stretchy mesh fabric for a perfect fit. The body stocking shines through, so that your body can be clearly seen and remains packed. Elegant mesh patterns have been added to the mesh fabric for a romantic, sexy look. Large holes have been made on the thighs and also on the inside of the thighs, making it look like you’re wearing suspenders, which makes it a little bit more exciting. The open cross makes your most intimate zone easily accessible to yourself and your partner.


Key Features:
Body stocking
Fine-meshed soft mesh
Very stretchy
Ornate patterns
Suspender look
Open cross
Colour black
Material: 95% Nylon, 5% Elastane
One Size fits most