Being Fetish Black Leather Flogger




Whip your lover into submission with this faux leather flogger from Being Fetish. The Being Fetish Black Leather Flogger is a pint sized percussive pleasure provider. Made with soft and supple man made leather, this small flogger is soft and gently textured for a more realistic leather look and feel. Thuddier than it is stingy, this flogger offers lightweight strokes but can still give a nasty bite in the right hands. Great for flogging beginners or for those looking for just the right tool for flogging cocks and fannies. The textured black and grey handle gives you just the right amount of grip, even when you have the falls flying at top speed. The handy loop on the end makes it perfect for displaying proudly in your dungeon. It’s a must have for flogger fans and impact play aficionados alike. It’s small enough to carry in a hand bag or in just about any sized gear bag.


Key Features

Leather flogger for intermediate spanking play
Textured black and grey handle for an easy grip
The faux leather fronds deliver a delightful tickle or satisfying sting
Great for those who want to explore serious S&M
Made from soft and supple man made leather
Offers lightweight strokes but can give a nasty bite in the right hands
Perfect size and weight for genitals
Small enough to fit in a handbag yet leaves a big impression

Product Info

Contains latex: No
Colour: Grey & Black
Material: leather