Being Fetish Red Diamond Faux Leather Flogger


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Whip your lover into submission with this faux leather flogger from Being Fetish. Being Fetish have crafted this pocket-size, vegan-friendly whip with 9 inch fronds which flow from a sturdy handle to deliver teasing strokes, bracing whips and a satisfying sting.

For those who don’t want to use real leather, but also don’t want to compromise on performance, this faux leather flogger fits the bill. With a solid wrapped handle, long supple fronds and textured surface, this whip satisfies your cravings for serious domination, without animal products.

Alternate flogs with strokes from a feather tickler to begin and build up to an eye-watering thwack as a crescendo to your bondage play session.

Whether you’re vegan or simply want fuss-free S&M, faux leather is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t like the smell of leather, or couples who want soft supple products that don’t require leather care and upkeep.

Pair with faux leather restraints from the same range to start creating your very own leather-free BDSM box.


Key Features

Faux leather flogger for intermediate spanking play
Textured red diamond handle for an easy grip
The faux leather fronds deliver a delightful tickle or satisfying sting
Great for those who want to explore serious S&M, without real leather
Easy to care for – no need for regular leather treatments like real leather

Product Info

Contains latex: No
Colour: Red & Black
Material: Soft PU leather