Bestseller – Fluffy White Hand Cuffs

The Bestseller Fluffy White Hand Cuffs are the perfect way to add light bondage to your play. With a white, furry trim, these cuffs are comfortable to wear and look incredible against the skin!



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The handcuffs with fur are the handcuffs of the Bestseller line. In metal and fur, with chain and keys to unlock them, they are equipped not only with a regulator to better adapt to everyone’s wrist, but also with a safety button in case of loss of the keys. How are they used? Open them using a button or keys, position the wrist and adjust the throttle so that it tightens the wrist in the safest way.

  • White furry cuffs are perfect for beginners
  • Soft against the skin and comfortable to wear
  • Comes with two keys for locking up your lover
  • Quick-release button gives you complete peace of mind


Key Features

Handcuffs metal with white fur
Material: Iron

Product Info
Material: Iron
Color: White
Length: 30 cm