Big Tease Toys Male Masturbator H2O Smooth Blue

Full, sensuous lips that take you in as deep as you’ve never imagined before… despite its appearance, that’s the feeling you’ll get by dipping into this liquid-filled male masturbator. You can either heat it up or cool it down as you please, it is high and low temperature-resistant. Its exclusive design allows for a tight and firm fit, the pressure level can be adjusted it features two handles that help you never lose grip. Use it alone or with a partner, its bumpy, cozy texture will always provide new sensations.

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A new kind of home entertainment system for men.

You know that feeling the first time you’re intimate with someone… That moment when you first enter… that incredible, outrageous feeling that takes you to the edge. The feeling of sliding in and out… being engulfed by full, warm, soft lips that take you deep and finish you the way you want, when YOU want. That is VërSpanken!

VërSpanken is all about you. It’s about the pressure you like, it’s about the temperature that feels right, it’s about the texture that keeps you coming back for more. With the open-ended housing and snap closure, the user controls the pressure. Unlike other toys, the user can change the texture and even the temperature experience. The WaterWieners™ can be used at varying temperatures by either warming them in the microwave or chilling them in the refrigerator. Since there are two separate inserts in the VërSpanken, the user can combine temperatures, textures and/or densities (foam or water). The design of VërSpanken also allows for a myriad of stroking techniques to change up the experience – try the upward curl, rocking and swiveling or maybe the twist! And since VërSpanken is an open-ended toy, cleanup is a breeze. It’s also great for couple play! Made of 100% recyclable materials, VërSpanken, like all Big Teaze Toys, contains no latex, phthalates, lead or heavy metals.

Verspanken is approximately 23 cm long and 10 cm wide.


Warm or chill for your favorite thrill!
Gives a tighter feel for enhanced sexual pleasure
Unique design allows for different stroking techniques
Does not contain latex and is made of 100% recyclable materials
Easy to clean


Key Features

– Firmer
– Heavier
– Sold separately
– Easy to clean
– Smooth texture
– Warm or chill for your favorite thrill!

Approx. dimensions: 23 x 10 cm