Deep In The Ass Backdoor Masturbator




Get your fill of this luscious backside with the Deep In The Ass Backdoor Masturbator.
Men, enjoy deep and stimulating penetration with the Backdoor Betty Masturbator. Grab a handful of the baby-soft ass and make it yours as you thrust yourself deep inside either of the two waiting love tunnels. Made entirely of supple rubber, the Backdoor Betty, offers the sensation of smooth, creamy skin. Whether you choose to penetrate her vaginally or anally, this hot piece is always ready for you.


Key Features
Material: TPR
Waterproof: Yes
Two tight love holes; Penetrate the awaiting anus or vagina
Supple and realistic feel

Product Info
Length: 12.2”
Width: 11.8”
Height: 9.5”
Weight: 4.6kg
Colour: Brown
Material: TPR