Diva – Motion Love Machine

The Motion™ delivers incredible power, speed, low noise out-put & angle adjustablity that no other machine can match but at an affordable price.

Uses the popular Vac-U-Lock® system – allows the user to attach any Vac-U-Lock® dildo of their choice within seconds.

Hand held corded deluxe speed controller allows user to select their desired speed.

Motion Love Machine™ has an incredible powerful thrust and torque level as well as angle adjust-ability and heavy steel frame making it very stable indeed.

Even though quite large and heavy does store away quickly and easily in most closets.

Think of a position and the Motion™ will be able to accommodate…simply loosen the EZ twist tightening knob located on the side of the machine then you can select between 14 different angle positions from horizontal to vertical (over 180 degrees) NO OTHER machine is capable of this.

No other sex machine available for sale can obtain a massive 7 inch thrust stroke (40 to 220 strokes per minute!) as well the user being able to select a Rat-A-Tat machine gun stroking action mode which produces an unlimited succession of rapid, short pounding strokes.



PleasureStore.ie pleased to be the official Irish & European stockist of the “Motion Love Machine™” designed and manufactured by Diva®…the No.1 sex machine manufacturer since 1973.

The Motion love machine is equipped with an engine 8HP that gives 40 to 220 rounds per minute and a control knob to adjust the angle you like (more than 180 degrees can tilting). In addition to this is equipped with a realistic dildo with testicles and a dildo with anal balls along the stem both in Tpr, phthalate-free, with individual attacks for a double simultaneous penetration. The machine is also equipped with two flexible arms to connect a smartphone during use and for connecting a vibrator or any other stimulator. Clitoral massager in photo not included.


Materials: Various
Vibration: Yes
Color: Various
Manufacturer: Myworld