Fetish Fantasy – Beginners Butt Plug Black

Discovering new heights and fun? This is the right choice! Discover Fetish Fantasies Beginner’s Butt Plug and make it your new favourite toy!



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Introducing the Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Butt Plug, the ideal exploration tool for those new to the pleasures of anal play. Discover the delights of this perfectly shaped plug designed with beginners in mind:

🌈 Perfectly Shaped for Beginners: Easy and Comfortable

Crafted with a gentle, narrow tip, this butt plug is perfectly shaped for beginners delving into the world of anal eroticism. The tapered design ensures easy and comfortable insertion, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

🌟 Tapered Tip for Easy Insertion: Gradual Pleasure

The tapered tip of the Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Butt Plug offers a gradual increase in size, allowing you to ease into the sensations of anal play with confidence. Experience the pleasure of a gentle and accommodating introduction.

🌀 Wide Suction Cup: Stability and Hands-Free Fun

Equipped with a wide suction cup, this butt plug provides stability during use and prevents it from sliding in too far. The suction cup adheres to any smooth surface, making hands-free fun not only possible but also versatile in any setting.

📏 Perfect Dimensions for Comfort: Just Right

With a complete length of 11.4 cm, an insertion length of 9.5 cm, and a diameter ranging from 2.5 to 4.2 cm, this butt plug offers dimensions that are just right for those beginning their exploration of anal pleasure. Comfort and satisfaction are at the forefront.

🌐 PVC Construction: Safe and Durable

Crafted from PVC, the Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Butt Plug ensures a safe and durable experience. The material is both body-friendly and resilient, providing a satisfying feel against your skin.

Embark on your journey into anal pleasure with confidence, guided by the Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Butt Plug. Designed with comfort, ease of use, and versatility in mind, it’s the perfect companion for those new to the world of anal exploration. Are you ready to add a touch of excitement to your intimate experiences?


Key features:

  • Butt plug with a suction cup
  • With a gentle, narrow tip
  • Perfect for anal toy beginners
  • Complete length 11.4 cm, insertion length 9.5 cm, Ø 2.5-4.2 cm. PVC.