Fleshjack Boys – Liam Riley Butt Forever

Once you’ve tried Liam’s custom FleshJack sleeve, you’ll be hooked for life. It’s designed to give you the biggest and most extreme orgasms. His exclusive texture is more intense than almost anything you’ve ever experienced.



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Liam Riley
Los Angeles, California

Liam Riley is one of the porn industry’s youngest adult stars. With Fleshjack replica dildos and toys featuring his tight, firm ass, you can now experience why this fresh stud is such an up-and-comer. Native to Los Angeles, Liam Riley is lean and luscious, measuring in at 5’6″ and weighing 120 pounds. He has a penis length of 6.5 inches and a girth of 5 inches, making him an ideal size for all of your favorite positions.

Liam is highly regarded not just in the porn industry but also in everyday life. In fact, he’s known as one of the friendliest guys in the adult entertainment industry. Since friendship matters to Liam, he’s often found spending time with his fellow Cocky Boy Levi Karter and his mentor Shangela of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame.
From the Cheer Squad to the Bedroom

Liam was first noticed as a cheerleader. The moves he used on the field turned out to be a tease for his expert performances on the screen. His performance for “Sex En Rouge” with Andy Taylor yielded a 2015 Cybersocket Award for “Best Sex Scene.” You can experience these moves for yourself when you try out Fleshjack’s sleeves featuring Liam’s smooth and muscular bottom.

Liam’s birthday is July 5, which makes him a Cancer. This astrological sign is known for taking great pleasure in things that happen at home, especially in the bedroom. Cancers are also known for their tenacity and strong emotions, and this fits Liam well. The strong, powerful physique of his body and his commitment to delivering pleasure to others is a true reward for anyone who gets the opportunity to have sex with Liam Riley toys.
Give Liam Riley What He Likes

Liam Riley’s favorite position is bottom, and with the custom Fleshjack Sensation Forever sleeve featuring his tight ass, you can give it to him as he likes it. This customized sleeve features incredible textures that wrap all the way around your hard flesh. While the insertable length of the Fleshjack is 8.5 inches, its total length is 9.75 inches. The sleeve is made of super-smooth silicone that warms up with each of your thrusts. Its interior texture begins with beads and rings, followed by ribs that stimulate every nerve ending in your penis.
Keep Going for Great Results

The Forever ass sleeve is not the only way you can experience the firmness of Liam Riley. If you like it tight, try the Fleshjack Sensation Squeeze. This sleeve features an ultra-tight entry, just like Liam’s. Upon penetrating the sleeve, you’ll feel the highly textured rings. These rings grasp your shaft and provide a tight hug that you can feel in every nerve. As you continue to thrust inside, your shaft will go into the wavy canal, which is studded with beads. Each thrust warms the Fleshjack, giving you an intense experience that leads to mind-blowing orgasms. The sleeve pairs well with the Quickshot Vantage combo. This awesome combo set features the Squeeze ass sleeve paired with great lube for smooth and satisfying thrusting.
Take Liam for a Ride

This replica features his perfectly straight, hard erect penis. The tip is nicely rounded for stimulating your prostate and reaching all of your nerve endings when you insert it. Furthermore, this dildo is ideal for hands-free fun during solo sessions, or your partner can use it with you for enhanced pleasure and excitement. The dildo’s total length is 6 inches, which includes the perfectly rounded balls. Pair this dildo with your favorite Fleshlube for repeated satisfaction and smooth insertion.
Experience Liam and His Best Friends

You could also experience the pleasures of Liam Riley as a part of the Fleshjack Get Cocky pack. This pack includes Liam’s 6-inch cock, his best friend Levi Karter’s 7-inch cock and the epic Boomer Banks 9-inch dildo. This pleasure pack allows you to immerse yourself in the videos you watch and bring to fruition some of your own communal fantasies of these tried-and-true porn stars during your alone time. This Get Cocky pack featuring Liam Riley’s cock is also a great set for trying out new techniques during your solo sessions, especially if you have the hands-free mounts for added pleasure.

If you can’t decide whether to try out Liam Riley’s tight ass or his firm member, try both with the anal sleeve and dildo combo pack. This allows you to experience the best of all he has to offer. Reach orgasm however you want to with these supple toys that replicate every curve of his smooth body. With these replications of Liam Riley’s sleek penis and tight ass, there will never be a dull moment.

Product measurements
Overall length: 9.75″ (24.8cm)
Insertable length: 8.5″ (21.6cm)
Width: 0.5″ (1.3cm) internal
Circumference: 1.6″ (4.1cm) internal
How it feels
Material: SuperSkin, TPR
Texture: Ribbed, Noduled
Density: Soft
Waterproof: Yes
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No