Lovetoy – Bondage Fetish Glamour Tassel Nipple Clamp



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The adjustable Glamour Tassel Nipple Clamps is beautifully designed for intensely pleasurable pain. Tipped in silicone for a cushioned clasp, they’re perfectly suited to beginners and pain professionals alike. Firm-but-gentle, these adjustable clamps pinch the nipples with just the right amount of pressure to slowly build a warming sensitivity that blossoms into a titillating ache the pinch is never too much but always enough. The grip is easily adjusted during wear for instant release, or to further intensify your play


Key Features

Adjustable beautiful tassel nipple clamps with weights
Perfect for beginners though to advanced users
Increases sensation and erotic response
Weights add additional pressure to your nipple play
Perfect as an erotic gift for your partner ;Length: 5.5 inches

Product Info

Material: Metal+Rayon –
Color: Pink