Leather Body Baisic – Cross Body Harness

Upgrade your BDSM playtime with Leather Body Basic Harness – made from high-quality black leather and adjustable to fit all sizes. With two sturdy O-rings, this deluxe bondage accessory is both functional and fashionable, accentuating your body and adding definition. Pair it with our other bondage accessories for an even more enhanced experience. Shop now and experience the ultimate in comfort and style.



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Introducing our Leather Body Basic Harness – the perfect addition to your BDSM playtime! Made from high-quality black leather, this harness is adjustable to fit all sizes, from S to XL.

Featuring two sturdy O-rings, this deluxe bondage accessory is built to withstand even the roughest play. And it’s not just functional – it’s also fashionable! The classic black leather design accentuates your body, highlighting your pecs and adding definition to your back.

Whether you’re using it as a statement piece over your clothes or for your BDSM playtime, this harness ticks all the fetishwear trend boxes. So why not strap yourself in and experience the ultimate in comfort and style? And if you’re looking to enhance your experience, this harness pairs perfectly with our other bondage accessories. Upgrade your playtime today with Leather Body Basic Harness!

Black Leather Basic Harness to practice BDSM.

  • It’s adjustable to all sizes, from S to XL


Key Features:
100% vegan, 0% materials from animal origin.

100% adjustable at the waist.
Inspired by classic BDSM: all the sensuality and power of bondage in a single accessory.
Goes perfectly with some FLASH pasties or Garters.
100% vegan: polyurethane straps made from recycled materials.
VEGAN APPROVED, approved by the animal rights organization PETA.
Fashion Erotic Accessories: A blend current fashion trends and traditional eroticism.
Festival Look! Set the trend this season with the Maze collection!
NEW! This pack contains adjustable extenders.
All materials have space to add an extra hole if required.
Exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets
MEASUREMENTS: Lower chest 90 cm maximum (35.43 inches), 72 cm minimum (28.35 inches)

Extras: Extenders include two straps with a length of 250 mm and width of 20 mm. Made of ‘vegan leather’.