Lovetoy – Kegel Ball

Pink LoveToy Kegel Ball balls for discreet pelvic floor exercises! LoveToy Kegel Ball balls have an extremely stimulating effect, but they also specially train the pelvic floor. Intimate muscles are strengthened through targeted pelvic floor training, which also increases the feeling of having sex with a partner. LoveToy Kegel Ball balls can also be worn discreetly during the day, so that women can spice up their daily lives with targeted pelvic floor training and pleasant tingling.



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2 Pleasure balls made of ultra soft material and pull string with metal ball inside. They give soft long lusting vaginal pleasure and muscle training. Waterproof and easy to clean. An ideal way to tone your pelvic floor and practice your kegel exercises, these Ben Wa Balls strengthen the PC muscles, improving tone and firmness in the vagina as well as improving the length and intensity of your orgasm.


Material: Silicone

Color: Pink

Waterproof: Waterproof