Nipple Clamp With Peacock Feather Trim



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Admire these adjustable sexy nipple clamps with fluffy peacock feather trim. The super-soft feathers offer sensual tickles to enhance your bedroom bondage play
The soft rubber coating on the tips of the clamps offer a firm and satisfying pinch that heightens your erotic response when released from your nipples
Fluffy feathers dangle from each clamp to gently w stroke your skin and offer a titillating contrast to the aching pinch of the clamps
Adjustable and easy to tighten or loosen, they are also suitable for either sex and can enhance solo or shared play


Key Features

Adjustable beautiful tassel nipple clamps with fluffy peacock feather trim
Perfect for beginners though to advanced users
Increases sensation and erotic response
Perfect as an erotic gift for your partner

Material: Metal+Feather –
Color: Peacock feather