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The Pasante Female Condom is a lubricated condom designed for women. It is an effective method of protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. The Pasante Female Condom does not restrict the penis and gently lines the vagina, allowing both partners to relax and enjoy sensitive lovemaking. It can be used with any lubricant. The Pasante Female Condom is easy to insert and can be inserted before sex and it does not need an erection to work, so it will not interrupt spontaneity.

Length: 170 mm, width 80 mm, thickness 50 micron.


Key Features

Easier: apply with 1 hand in 2 seconds, even in the dark.
Thinner: ultra-thin for a more natural feel, while still being safer.
Safer: no hand-condom contact, air-free tip, the right application every time.

Product Info

3 pieces
Material: Latex