Pipedream Extreme – Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch

Wet pleasure without lubricant! No lubricant necessary – that’s what the Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch from PDX Extreme is all about. The masturbator comes in a detailed vagina look that just has to be covered with a tiny bit of water to provide perfect lubrication. The realistic and elastic Fanta Flesh material offers a smooth and extremely authentic experience. The sleeve’s texture provides intense sensations during the handjob. All the while, the masturbator lies perfectly in the hand and can be squeezed for an even tighter feel.



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Immerse yourself in the sensational world of pleasure with the Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch, a masturbator that redefines your solo experiences. Here’s what makes this PDX Extreme creation the go-to choice for an authentic and satisfying encounter:

🌺 Detailed Vagina Look: Realism Unleashed

Indulge your fantasies with the intricately detailed vagina look that adds an extra layer of realism to your intimate moments. The design invites you to explore the visual appeal, making your solo sessions more immersive and exciting.

💦 Wet Pleasure Without Lubricant: Just Add Water!

Experience the epitome of convenience as the Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch eliminates the need for lubricants. A mere touch of water activates the self-lubricating feature, offering a seamless and friction-free experience. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to effortless pleasure.

🤤 Stimulating Texture: Intense Sensations Awaits

Delve into a world of intense sensations with the masturbator’s stimulating texture. Crafted to heighten pleasure, every stroke becomes a journey of ecstasy. Explore the variety of sensations as you enhance your pleasure with each movement.

🌈 Skin-Like Fanta Flesh Material: Authentically Soft and Elastic

The Fanta Flesh material ensures a realistic encounter by providing a skin-like feel that is both soft and elastic. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the experience as the material responds to your touch, enhancing the overall pleasure.

🤲 Grippy and Compact: Tailor Your Experience

Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, the grippy and compact design of the Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch allows for ultimate control. Customize your pleasure by squeezing for an even tighter feel, putting you in charge of your intimate encounters.

📏 Perfect Proportions for Intimate Pleasure

With a total length of 13.5 cm, insertion depth of 12 cm, and a tight and stretchy Ø, this masturbator offers perfect proportions for a tailored experience. Explore pleasure at your own pace and revel in the sensations.

🌟 Wet Pleasure Without Lubricant – The Ultimate Experience

The Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch from PDX Extreme invites you to a world of wet pleasure without the need for lubricants. Immerse yourself in the realistic details, stimulating texture, and the convenience of self-lubrication. Are you ready to elevate your solo play to new heights of satisfaction?


Key Features:

  • Masturbator in a detailed vagina look
  • No lube necessary, just moisten with water
  • Stimulating texture
  • Skin-like Fanta Flesh material
  • Grippy and compact
  • Total length 13.5 cm, insertion depth 12 cm