Pjur Man Basic Personal Silicone Glide 100 ml



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Pjur Man is a Lube for Men! Gay Men, Real Men, Straight Men a super slippery Lube for a wild encounter, Pjur-Man gives a smooth glide that is never sticky or tacky a lube for today’s Man

Using Pjur – Man Basic Gel
Pjur Man Basic is a superior Gel designed for Men looking for a longer slippery glide without having to keep reapplying, this Pjur Man Gel makes Anal sex a pleasure, apply a generous amount at the start of your sex play and enjoy without having to stop what you are doing to reapply Lube

Storing your Pjur- Man Lube
When the fun and games are over, you can store your Pjur – Man Lube in a safe place away from sunlight with the lid on tight


Key Features

Gives a smooth glide that is never sticky or tacky
Longer lasting slippery glide

Product Info

Size: 100 ml.
Color: Transparent
Material: Silicone Based