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The Sex In A Can Mouth Stamina Tunnel Will Definitely Get You in the Mood!
The Lovetoy Sex In A Can Mouth Stamina Tunnel provides you with oral pleasure anytime you want it. As the luscious, soft lips wrap around your member you will find thrillingly textured inner walls that grip you firmly as you slide inside.

Thrust deep into the intense, ultra-tight entry and “Squeeze” sensation canal to reach all levels of pleasure. Like the rest of the Lovetoys toys, this one comes with a super-soft insert made from Real Feel Superskin, which is elastic, soft and closely emulates real skin for realistic fun.

The Sex In A Can Mouth Stamina Tunnel perfectly mimics the sensation of oral pleasure. All of the control is in your hands and you can easily increase the amount of pleasurable suction.

Sex In A Can Mouth Stamina Tunnel Benefits
Realistic pink mouth
Ultra soft insert is made from Real Feel Cyber-skin
Waterproof for aquatic play and easy cleaning
The masturbator’s design makes for an easy, natural grip and makes it perfect for self-pleasure and self-training. Lodge it between the couch cushions for some hands-free fun

Clean up is a breeze thanks to its open-ended design while the entire toy can be disassembled for a thorough cleaning. While a little extra effort is required to clean and maintain your replica of Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave, it will definitely be worth it once you have enjoyed the full stimulation it can offer.

For the best possible smooth experience (and your own comfort) make sure you use plenty of lube, ideally use water-based lube to keep the SuperSkin strong and supple. A sprinkle of cornstarch or Fleshlight’s Renewing Powder will rejuvenate a tacky or sticky sleeve.

Once you slip inside and enjoy the stimulation, you will find it hard to go for too long.


Key Features

Sex In A Can Mouth Stamina Tunnel Masturbator
100% Phathalate free, Reusable
Lubricant included.280 Grams

Product Info

Material: Cyber-skin
Color: Flesh