SexQuartet Sexy Facts Card Game

Sex quartet sexy facts great fun game is ten categories and quartets with 40 of the most juicy, unbelievable but true, interesting and sometimes downright erotic useful facts. Hilarious information that will change your view on the human sexuality around the globe.



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Invite your partner or friends to a naughty and educational game night with Sex Facts from Sex Quartet.

In this adult version of the card game Fish, where the goal is to ask for 4 cards in the same series, and you will get a lot of fun (and useful) erotic facts.

You may only ask after cards you already have other cards of, so keep an eye on what your friends ask for and guess what they’re sitting with. In the meantime, you can become more aware of how much breasts can swell and how quickly a man on average can ejaculate.

This card game gives many juicy, unbelievable but true and not in the least, useful facts about sexual intercourse and relationships, and is a fun occasion to share experiences and be inspired in the bedroom.

The game is in English, it’s easy to understand and contains 40 cards in 10 categories such as Female, Male and Funny.


CONTAINS: 40 game cards in 10 series.
MEASUREMENT: 7 x 10.5 cm.
SIMILAR TO: The card game Fish.
PLAYERS: 18+ for 2-4 people.