Sexy Battery – Alkaline AAA

It only takes one experience with a weakly powered toy sputtering out at the crucial moment to make you realise the true value of a good-quality battery. Trusted brand Sexy Battery is a safe choice to power long-lasting pleasure play.



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The Sexy Battery batteries deliver powerful and constant performance that keeps your erotic gears going and going, providing long life for your sexy toys. The endurance line generation is exactly what you need. You never stop to have pleasure, your battery shouldn’t either stop.

– Voltage: 1,5V
– Type: Xtra Endurance Alkaline
– Batteries per Package: 4
– Other Names: LR03, AAA, LR3, R3, MN2400, AM4, E92, UM4
– Shape: Cylindrical
– Size: 44,5 mm
– Diameter: 10,5 mm