Sexy Battery – Alkaline LR41

It only takes one experience with a weakly powered toy sputtering out at the crucial moment to make you realise the true value of a good-quality battery. Trusted brand Sexy Battery is a safe choice to power long-lasting pleasure play.



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The Sexy Battery lithium batteries have been developed to provide optimum, long-lasting performance for your erotic gears. The batteries are so dependable that you can count on their pleasure. They are always powerful and a perfect partner for your toys.

– Voltage: 1,5V
– Type: Xtra Endurance Lithium
– Batteries per Package: 3
– Other Names: LR41, V3GA, 192, SG3 , GP192, L736
– Shape: Button
– Size: 3,6 mm
– Diameter: 7,9 mm