Small Metal Fur Tail Butt Plug Black & White



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These Small Metal Anal Tail Butt Plugs designed to spice up your sex life in many ways than you can imagine. If you are an intermediate wishing to try out tail fantasies in the most exciting way, then grab one of these lovely colorful short butt tails. They come in different sizes from small and medium to large sizes.

The plugs in these tails are made of smooth non-toxic metal that is 100% safe for anal insertion. Thy slide in smoothly and are shaped to fit in properly without falling out in the middle of the action. The fur of the tail looks exactly like a real fox tail but just shorter. The tail’s fur has a luxurious texture, and is beautiful black.

The nice-fitting stimulating metal plug is also extremely easy to clean. It is firm enough to slide in effortlessly without the need to keep it straight. It’s comfortable too. You’ll immediately feel full once is inserted and can even wear it for hours of fun. It’s flexible, comes in a perfect size, and provides just the right amount of resistance to keep you stimulated and happy. It’s a short elegant tail to fulfill your wildest desires. Your partner will definitely love it too. And you will probably want to use it over and over again.


Key Features

Small gold plug with fluffy tail
Packaged in clear OPP bag with barcode.
tail size:35*9CM
Material:Zinc alloy/faux fur ,nickle free

Product Info

Material:Zincalloy+faux fur