SphereSpecs – Virtual Reality Headset 3D-360

Have you ever wanted to be immersed in real life fantasy experiences? You can get closer to that fantasy now with the Spherespec VR Headset!

This headset converts your phone into a viewer that gives you a 360 real panoramic view of any movie. You can get an even closer look at all your favorite adult stars.

Be the star of your own show!! Download the app and place your phone into Spherespecs, and suddenly you are deep in the middle of all the action and you will feel like you are really there! Add a vibrator or masturbation toy from our broad collection of of high quality masturbators & vibrators and your fantasies are a step closer to reality. What else would you need? Now it's all about you!

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SPHERESPECS is a virtual reality headset for smartphones that offers you the possibility of getting a 3D vision plus a 360° view, all around!

With SPHERESPECS you experience the awesome feeling of diving inside a movie or picture and really being there inside. You can see all around, just like in real life!

Experience Virtual Real interactive Porn with SPHERESPECS, together with one of our broad collection of high quality masturbators & vibrators.

The great thing about the Spherespecs VR headset is that it also works with all other movies.

Compatible with Android and iOS.


SphereSpecs – Virtual Reality Headset 3D-360
Compatible with Android and iOS.