Sportsheets – Sincerely Lace Paddle

This pretty, lacy slender fabric-covered paddle has a subtle lace print and offers soft touch spanking….but that’s not all it can do! With its firm fiberglass inner core, you enjoy control and can bring a little bit of sting…if you choose.



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For another level of playful romance, this gorgeous lightweight 12 Inch (30.48cm) paddle is wrapped with soft and inviting fabric of fine lace. Wrap your partner around your little finger.

Material: 51% polyurethane, 32% polyester, 10% fiberglass, 5% nylon, 2% spandex

Size: 30,48 cm paddle

Offers soft touch spanking but has a firm inner core giving you control & a little bit of a sting


Key Features

Wrist wrap for enhanced grip and storage
Sturdy and durable

Product Info

Contains latex: No
Colour: Red

Material: leather