Superior X-10 Beads – Anal Beads

Experience mind-blowing ecstasy with the Superior X-10 Anal Beads. The easy to use, multi-purpose love beads are made to satisfy your anal pleasure curiosity. The sturdy, stretchy and pliable erotic beads are suitable for sensual self-gratification exploration, and for intimate, exotic play with your lover. Slip the beads inside and enjoy an unforgettable experience every time.



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If you are interested in experimenting either alone or with a partner, then you can’t go wrong with an exciting and unique gift like the X-10 Anal Beads. With 10 different beads of varying sizes, you can be sure to please each and every part.

This is the perfect gift for those who are interested in anal stimulation but who have been unsure about how to get started. The X-10 Beads also is great for those who are a little more experienced and who are interested in taking their pleasures to the next level. If you have been thinking about getting the kind of sex toy that can give for a long time without getting old, then you might find that these beads are just what you need.

Many people like to include the X-10 Beads with other fun toys and activities. When it’s time for excitement in the bedroom, these beads are all you need.

Beginner friendly styling makes this set of anal pleasure beads a top seller. The Superior X-10 Beads feature small beads that work their way up, getting bigger and bigger as the strand is inserted further. Made of TPR for easier cleaning and superior hygienic quality. Full twelve inches with safety retrieval ring allows you to experience a little or a lot – making it perfect for those who are still anal virgins. Soft, pliable, and super TPR make them easier to insert into the anal cavity but still give you that stiff feeling that will have you coming back for more.

Black anal beads.
Length: 28 cm


Black anal beads.
Length: 28 cm