Beginners Anal Sex Toy Guide Ireland Beginners Anal Sex Toy Guide

Despite past stigma around the use of anal sex toys, their popularity is always on the increase. If you’ve always fancied the sensation of being filled from behind, pulled together this beginner’s guide to anal toys you can kick-start your experience with. You’re welcome!

Anal Beads

Anal Beads
Anal bead toys can take the form of a ridged wand or a string of beads, with each bead’ often increasing in size further up the shaft. Perfect for beginners and regular anal players alike, anal bead toys come in a range of sizes and materials including metal, silicone and jelly. To start off with, we recommend opting for a toy with smaller beads to ease you in comfortably! Whether used exclusively for anal stimulation or introduced to masturbation and intercourse, anal beads can intensify orgasms for both men and women. As you begin to climax, pull out the beads to reach the height of pleasure.

Anal Dildos
With something for everyone, the anal dildo makes for perfect playtime! Often shaped to stimulate the prostate gland or massage sensitive spots at the back of the vaginal wall, it’s easy to see why this popular sex toy is such a crowd pleaser. Anal dildos come in all shapes and materials, from glass to silicone, and offer a variety of sizing options. There are vibrating functions if you’re looking to get a little extra buzz from your play, and many have suction cups so you can enjoy a hassle-free ride.

Anal Vibrators
Looking for easy stimulation with an incredibly powerful finish? Anal vibrators deliver just that. For amazing sensations at the click of a button, this is the ideal anal sex toy. Perfect for providing both penetration and stimulation to the anus, just sit back and soak up the vibrations.

Butt Plugs
One of our favourite anal sex toys, butt plugs have a flared base and tapered tip for easy insertion and removal. Whether you’re looking for a small and discreet toy or something a little more advanced, we’ve got something for everyone with a range of vibrating, penetrating and even inflating butt plugs.
Butt plugs are also a handy way of stretching the anus to make way for something bigger, such as a dildo or penis, when you’re just starting to experiment with anal play. Our guide to anal butt plugs has everything you need to know!

Double Ended Dildo
Versatile and stimulating, the double ended dildo can be used individually or with a partner. Perfect for both anal and vaginal penetration, there are various combinations to explore. The only limit is your imagination!

Douches and Enemas
Investing in a douche or enema kit will give you the squeaky-clean bum-fun you’ve been looking for. These home kits allow you to cleanse your anus by dispensing water into the rectum and removing any waste, leaving you completely fresh. While anal douching may seem like a daunting task, once you’ve tried it you’ll never look back! Brush up on your knowledge with our anal douche guide.

Prostate Massagers
Packed with nerve endings to send you wild, the prostate is one of the most sensitive areas on the male body. Located around 2 inches inside the anus, it can be as difficult to locate and reach as the female G-spot! Thankfully, prostate massagers are specifically designed to hit, massage and thrill this spot. With so many men reporting climax from prostate play alone, it’s not to be missed! If your interest is piqued, take a look at our guide on prostate massagers.

After Use
Always make sure you clean your sex toys properly, especially between uses. Use a trusted sex toy cleaner and ensure that it’s compatible with the material of your toy. For your playtime to go as smoothly as possible, always use make sure you use plenty of lubricant too. There’s no escaping the fact the anus is a sensitive spot! Remember to use water-based lubricant with silicone toys, and start small if you’re a beginner.

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