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If sex toys are a completely new territory for you, the variety of styles can be overwhelming. With each design promising a different experience, we’ve created a guide of the main types of male sex toys and what it is that makes them so popular, to make your life that bit easier.

We’re confident that with our extensive range of sex toys, you’ll find something that piques your interest – whether it stimulates your penis, balls or even your P-spot. By introducing a toy to your play you will discover how much your fun is enhanced, giving you a toe-curling, mind-blowing experience.

Cock Rings
Cock rings hug the base of your penis to restrict blood flow out of the shaft, resulting in harder and longer-lasting erections. Available in numerous different styles, choosing the right ring can be a daunting task.

What do you want from a cock ring? If you’re simply after stronger erections, a plain ring design is perfect. Choose a rubber material for some flex or metal for a heavier, more stylish look. For increased stimulation for both you and your partner, try a textured design or stroker beads. Many cock rings are designed to also stimulate the clit, often in the form of a bumper (a bar on the top of the ring, usually powered by an integrated miniature bullet) or the classic rabbit. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, try a cock ring with a butt plug or strap-on style dildo for double penetration fun.

Whichever style you go for, just lube up and slide the ring down to the base of the shaft. These toys are super affordable, so take the time to experiment and find your favourite!

Cock Sleeves
Cock sleeves are similar to cock rings but on a bigger, longer scale. The sleeve wraps the shaft to slow down the blood flow for thicker erections, a slower climactic build up and a more explosive orgasm.

Popular for their versatility, each style has its own features and quirks. Most often, the sleeve is ribbed or textured to give you and your partner incredible arousal during sex. Bolder, more exploratory styles can involve clit stimulators, protruding textures and even extension sleeves that will add inches to your penis!

Penis Pumps
Forget Austin Powers’ penis pump; these legendary toys are no joke. Promising more length to play with and stronger erections, you’ll love seeing how big you’ve become. Bondara’s selection of high quality penis pumps includes classic designs, internally textured styles and even vibrating ones for extra pleasure as you pump.

Regardless of which one you choose, the basics of using it remain the same (and don’t worry, it’s easy!). Insert your penis into the chamber and use the pump to create a suction until you reach the desired level of vacuum. Blood is drawn into the penis to make your erection harder, larger and more sensitive. When you’re ready, use the release valve and take a good look at your bigger and better penis. Take a look at our guide on penis pumps for more information.

Ball Stretching
Stretch your limits and take pride in your lower hanging balls. Although less well known than some of the other male sex toys, ball stretching is certainly popular among many men and is likely to become more so. Stretchers sit at the top of the scrotum and draw the balls away from the body for an incredible, arousing sensation and an alluring appearance. Available in an array of styles, materials and weights; each stretcher has its own benefits and type of arousal, so you are likely to find one that homes in on your style of pleasure.

If you’re new to stretching, it’s wise to start off small and work your way up – either by changing the stretcher or buying rings that are designed for stacking. Make sure you go slowly when you put the stretchers on, to give your body time to adjust – if you experience any discomfort, then stop.

Some men prefer to keep ball stretching to the bedroom, taking pleasure in the temporary effects. Others make it a lifestyle and wear their stretchers for a heavy, weighty sensation as they go about their daily routines. If this sounds like something you’d like to try out, a slimmer ring is recommended as it can comfortably and inconspicuously fit underneath your clothes. Read our guide on ball stretching here.

Male Masturbators
Ramp up your solo-play with a male masturbator: a cylindrical sex toy with a tight, inner tunnel that wraps around your penis. Tunnels are nearly always textured – most commonly with ribs or beads – for incredible stimulation. Some masturbators openings are designed to replicate a pussy, arse or lips, for a more realistic experience. The masturbators are available in a range of materials including silicone and jelly (for more information on different materials, have a look at our guide) and you can choose between colourful and clear styles, or those designed specifically to look like the real thing. The realistic-vagina masturbators tend to be made using flesh-coloured, LoveSkin material, which looks and feels as soft as real skin and they feature realistic openings for a more intimate experience.

Another popular style of masturbator is a Tenga Egg. Innovative, sleek and affordable, the soft and stretchy sleeve accommodates any size penis. Each type of Egg has its own internal texture for unique sensations. These toys aren’t anatomically designed and are discreetly packaged for your own peace of mind.

The world’s number one male sex toy, the Fleshlight, is a high quality masturbator that gets its name from its discreet, torchlight style packaging. Designed to replicate the real thing, you’re spoilt for choice with Fleshlights of pussies, arses and mouths. There are also two special ranges called Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys, modelled on the most intimate spots of your favourite porn stars. Made from exclusive SuperSkin material, these toys are intensely realistic.

If you want to personalise your Fleshlight, there are plenty of accessories on offer. Perhaps you’d like a warmer to create a snug, welcoming tunnel, or even a screen holder that sits on top of your toy – perfect if you enjoy watching porn while you masturbate. Have a moment of personal indulgence and take pleasure in the intricate, inner textures available. Learn more about Fleshlights here.

Sex Dolls
Sex dolls usually make appearances at stag dos, hen parties and festivals, but they can also be an incredible addition to your masturbation. Ranging from around €10 to €500 you can find inflatable dolls which tend to be targeted as novelty gifts, or for a heftier price tag, you can enjoy a doll that’s specifically designed to be realistic and made from a material that feels and looks like skin.

These realistic dolls can include a full torso with breasts, or go from the arse down to the toes – perfect if you have a foot fetish. Most of these dolls have two holes for your pleasure (pussy and arse) but can also feature mouths to simulate a blow-job. The pricier, realistic sex dolls are often non-inflatable and can feature vibrating options for extra arousal.

If you and your partner want the experience of a threesome but aren’t quite ready to take the big step, these are ideal. With sex dolls, there really is something for everyone.

Prostate Toys
Designed to pleasure your P-spot, this collection of toys is sure to give you a second to none experience. Located within the anus, at the root of your penis, this walnut-sized gland is packed with nerve endings, patiently waiting to be aroused. Our selections of plugs, beads and vibrators (to name just a few!) have been specifically designed to make stimulating this hot spot easier than ever before. If you haven’t tried stimulating this erogenous zone before, a slimmer, tapered design is recommended, as it will allow your body to gradually adjust. Once you’re comfortable, you can explore the whole range and discover exactly which toy turns you on the most.

With all toys, make sure you lube up beforehand (particularly if you’re enjoying some anal play) and remember that your silicone toy can only be used with a water-based lubricant!

Try something new and experience men’s sex toys like never before. The sky is the limit and you won’t be sorry. Got a question about men’s sex toys? Email us at – we’d love to hear from you!