Toy Cleaning Safety & Storage Guide

Toy Cleaning & Storage:

1. Don’t ever immerse a vibrator/sex toy in water unless you are sure it is fully waterproof and not just water resistant.
2. Warm water and soap are recommended for cleaning your vibrator/sex toy
3. Store any battery-operated toy without its batteries in it. This will prevent the batteries from wearing down unnecessarily and any possible battery leakage into your toy.
4. Store toys separately from each other to avoid discoloration and melting. It is helpful to wrap each toy in a breathable fabric so they are not touching
5. Direct sunlight and/or excessive heat can cause discoloration, melting, or drying out. Store in a cool, dark place like a drawer.


1. Always use your sex toy with a water based lubricant
2. If your vibrator/sex toy ever begins to cause discomfort for any reason, stop use immediately
3. Never share your vibrator or sex toy with other people
4. Always keep your vibrator/sex toy our of reach of children