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Ready to give your private browsing sessions a bit of an upgrade? Immerse yourself in the ultimate virtual reality experience with Addiction is inevitable once you fully immerse yourself in the explosive Virtual Reality experience with Ireland’s Leading Online Adult Virtual Reality Sex Shop.

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  • Autoblow A.I. Blowjob Machine


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    If you’re looking for the best blowjob machine in the world, look no further. The result of years of research, the Autoblow A.I. used artificial intelligence to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos to understand the movements that occur during real-life blowjobs. This is a huge leap forward on the fantastic Autoblow 2+XT. 50% Quieter and 3 Times more Powerful.

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  • Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Pearl 2 Couple Set


    Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl are revolutionary sex toys that allow you to feel your lover from anywhere in the world. Each toy is Bluetooth enabled and can communicate directly when connected to the Kiiroo video chat platform or app. You can give and receive pleasure from a partnered toy.

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  • Kiiroo Onyx 2 Teledildonic Interactive Masturbator


    Get ready for the Kiiro Onyx 2, the upgraded version of the popular and interactive masturbator Kiiroo Onyx, which can also be used by couples for long-distance sex. This version gives you an even more powerful yet quiet motor and longer battery lifetime, to allow for a more explosive masturbation experience.

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    Leten SM Future Pro Super Male Masturbator

    219.95 249.95

    Leten Future Pro – Super Masturbator, a high power masturbator designed by and for men.

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  • Lovense Male Attachment for Domi


    Customized exclusively for penis and prostate stimulation.

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  • Lovense Max Bluetooth Male Masturbator


    Max is one of the first high tech male masturbators. The air pumps mimic contractions and the vibrator sends subtle vibrations throughout the toy. Use the buttons on the toy or our app to change the air pump settings and adjust the tightness! You’re also able to give long distance control to a partner, have long distance sex and sync with select VR Porn content!

    Close Range Control – use your smartphone to adjust the air pump and vibration settings during solo play.

    Long Distance Control – Our app enables a partner to take control from any distance.

    Long Distance Sex – able to sync with Nora by LOVENSE over the internet- allowing LDR couples to experience be intimate.

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  • Myhixel Med Male Masturbator


    Myhixel is a climax control solution designed to help men last longer in bed. The term Myhixel refers to both a male masturbator device (the Myhixel I) and its companion mobile app. The mobile app act as your personal sex therapist. It will guide you through some masturbation exercises. The app offers two different behavioral sex therapy programs for premature ejaculation.

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    Fifty Shades Of Grey - Play Like Grey Sex Box - For Couples

    SphereSpecs – Virtual Reality Headset 3D-360

    24.95 34.95

    Have you ever wanted to be immersed in real life fantasy experiences? You can get closer to that fantasy now with the Spherespec VR Headset!

    This headset converts your phone into a viewer that gives you a 360 real panoramic view of any movie. You can get an even closer look at all your favorite adult stars.

    Be the star of your own show!! Download the app and place your phone into Spherespecs, and suddenly you are deep in the middle of all the action and you will feel like you are really there! Add a vibrator or masturbation toy from our broad collection of of high quality masturbators & vibrators and your fantasies are a step closer to reality. What else would you need? Now it's all about you!

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