MYHIXEL is a revolutionary brand whose goal is to improve the sexual well-being of men while they enjoy and engage in sexual relations. MYHIXEL is the result of pioneering research conducted on an international level, in which the best professionals related to sexology, medicine, and cutting-edge technology have taken part.

PleasureStore is proud to be an authorised supplier of Myhixel sexual well-being products for men in Ireland. Discover the Myhixel amazing collection of insatiable male wellness products below.

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  • Myhixel TR Male Masturbator


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    Myhixel is a climax control solution designed to help men last longer in bed. The term Myhixel refers to both a male masturbator device (the Myhixel I) and its companion mobile app. The mobile app act as your personal sex therapist. It will guide you through some masturbation exercises. The app offers two different behavioral sex therapy programs for premature ejaculation.

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