OVO Lifestyle Toys current range of products is broken up into distinct categories including pleasure rings, loveballs (aka Kegel exercisers), bullets, mini vibes, vibrators, rabbits, and lay-ons. In addition to the design awards, the company holds 17 patents for a variety of its products’ features.

PleasureStore is proud to be an authorised supplier of OVO sex toys in Ireland. Discover the OVO amazing collection of insatiable sex toys below.

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  • OVO B1 Lilac Chrome Vibrating Cock Ring


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    OVO B1 Vibrating Ring has been awarded by International Design Excellence Awards for its young design. The size of the vibrating part is slightly bigger to bring more pleasure to both partners. You can experiment with its position – try bringing the vibrations down to the penis root and testicles or up, to better stimulate the clitoris. You can even take it to play in the shower.

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