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Fulfill your anal fantasies with the Addicted Toys Anal Masturbator. Experience extreme stimulation as you examine the tight, textured anal tunnel with your curious cock. Slather your penis with water-based lube from Pleasurestore and slip deep inside the real-feel anus. Savour the tightening grip and textured ridges as you push further towards exploding satisfaction. Designed to look and feel like a true, real-life asshole, so do not despair if you suddenly feel the urge to spoon this anal masturbator once you have had your wet, wicked way.

Instructions for use;

Apply lashings of water-based lubricant without parabens such as Waterfeel from PleasureStore.

After use, clean it with neutral ph soap and warm water, remove the sleeve, place it underwater and clean it with neutral pH soap, let it dry and you will be ready for use again.