Bijoux Indiscrets – Shhhh Blindfold Black

Shhh is much more than a blindfold, it’s an invitation to irresistible suspense and fantasy. Shutting off your sight will increase the sensations of touch and sound, heightening your experience. This blindfold also doubles as a silk tie, so get creative!



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Close your eyes and step into a world of heightened sensation.

This black, satin blindfold is soft on the face and easy to tie. It displays 2 message, on one side “Shhhh…” and on the other “Ohhh…”, so make sure you tell your partner what mood you’re in when you put it on!


As sight is one of your most dominant senses, removing it from an intimate encounter really affects your other senses. Once you’ve put it on, give your body some time to adjust to not being able to see to make the most of the experience. Play with different feelings and sounds to get the most amazing results from this beautiful and fun blindfold.


Key Features:

Mask. Cover your lover’s eyes and unleash your most passionate fantasies.