Bodygliss – Care & Comfort Silicone Lubricant 100ml

Part of the BodyGliss medical collection, Care & Comfort is developed for women with vaginal discomforts. BodyGliss makes the vagina supple, silky soft and restores care free and pleasant intimate contact.



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Introducing BodyGliss Care & Comfort, the ultimate solution for vaginal dryness and an unparalleled intimate experience. Our exceptional silicone-based lubricant is meticulously crafted using the purest, highest quality levels of silicone to effectively maintain and hydrate the delicate vaginal area. Enriched with a touch of vitamin E, known for its restorative properties, it goes beyond mere lubrication to address vaginal symptoms.Experience the extraordinary smoothness and long-lasting effects of BodyGliss. Our unique formula creates a protective layer, ensuring extreme comfort and a secure feeling during intimate moments. With BodyGliss, you can trust in its superior quality as we use the finest and more expensive variant of DIMETHICONE silicone oil, offering exceptional sliding capacity and a long-lasting barrier. Additionally, the added Vitamin E enhances the healing benefits.Rest assured, BodyGliss Care & Comfort is hypoallergenic, specifically designed for the most sensitive moments. It is completely hormone-free, providing peace of mind while embracing intimacy. Elevate your intimate encounters with BodyGliss and experience the care, comfort, and pleasure you truly deserve.

Key Features:

100 ml


Key Features:

  • 100ml