Brutus – Airmesh Chastity Cage

Unlock a world of discreet pleasure with the BRUTUS Airmesh Cage 🌟🔐. Experience unparalleled comfort for the long haul and say goodbye to discomfort. With its ergonomic design and travel-friendly features, it’s the ultimate choice for those who crave both security and freedom. Dive into the adventure today and let the BRUTUS Airmesh Cage be your secret to a more exciting journey. Your key to a new realm of sensation awaits! 🗝️💫



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Embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort and subtle allure with the BRUTUS Airmesh Cage 🌬️💖. This ultimate long-term wear companion, made from lightweight plastic and featuring tiny ventilation holes, delivers such a cozy fit, you’ll barely remember it’s there.

🔒✨ Say hello to a flawless fit without any pinching, thanks to three sizes of ergonomically designed cock rings. They ensure a snug lock, keeping everything in place while maintaining circulation.

Forget about the hassle of a noisy, dangling padlock. The BRUTUS Airmesh Cage cleverly hides its lock within the design for supreme comfort. You’ll find it diagonally placed at the top, making it easy to access and enhancing your wearing experience.

🛫🔐 Ready to fly? The cage includes a plastic locking pin, offering a travel-friendly alternative to the metal lock. With this and the included plastic locks, you breeze through airport security, letting nothing slow down your adventures.

The cage’s medium size, 7 cm long and 3 cm in diameter, strikes the perfect balance between confinement and comfort.

Step into the world of the BRUTUS Airmesh Cage, where comfort seamlessly blends with control. It’s not just any cage; it’s your ticket to a sensually restrained and flirtatiously free experience, keeping your secret tucked away discreetly. 🗝️❤️

Today, unlock your desires and enter a space where comfort reigns supreme. The BRUTUS Airmesh Cage is waiting to transform your chastity experience.


  • Chastity Cage by BRUTUS
  • Light weigth with ventilation holes
  • With three sizes ergonomical cockrings
  • Lock with Stealth metal lock, or with the special adapter and disposable plastic locks
  • Cage size is medium: 7 cm long, 3 cm diameter.