Chisa – Easy Clean Intimate Douche

Choose the Easy Clean Intimate Douche for a hygiene experience that doesn’t compromise on comfort or efficiency. It’s the ultimate tool for those who prioritize cleanliness in their intimate care routine. Get ready to feel refreshed, clean, and confident. 🌟🛁 Your journey towards impeccable hygiene starts today!



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Elevate your hygiene routine with the Chisa – Easy Clean Intimate Douche, the pinnacle of comfort and efficiency in intimate cleansing. This user-friendly shower tool is designed to make your experience as comfortable as it is thorough. 🚿💧

With its non-slip central bulb and smoothly curved cannula, it promises easy handling and comfortable insertion. The cannula’s precise jet holes ensure a comprehensive cleaning, while the included lubricant guarantees a smooth process from start to finish.

Constructed from top-quality PVC and ABS, and free from phthalates, the Easy clean douche is a beacon of safety. Its generous size, with a length of 17 cm and a diameter of 8.3 cm, offers an effective and superior hygiene solution.

Key Features:

Length: 17cm
Diameter: 8.3 cm for thorough cleansing.


Key Features:

Length: 17 cm.
Diameter: Wide 8.3 cm for thorough cleansing.