Chisa – Irresistible Touch Clitoral Stimulator

Elevate your pleasure with the Chisa Irresistible Touch! This compact powerhouse of a clitoral stimulator promises to take your solo sessions beyond the ordinary. Dive into the bliss of advanced pressure wave technology and 10 thrilling adjustable intensity levels. Precisely targeting your clitoris, it guarantees deep, explosive orgasms that will leave you utterly breathless.



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Discover the thrill of the Chisa Irresistible Touch, a compact yet potent clitoral stimulator designed to elevate your solo play to new heights. With its advanced pressure wave technology and 10 adjustable intensity levels, this device targets the clitoris with precision, ensuring deep, explosive orgasms that will leave you breathless.

Key Features for Ultimate Pleasure:

Advanced Technology: Pressure wave stimulation for deep, satisfying orgasms.
Adjustable Intensity: 10 levels to find your perfect match for intense pleasure.
Compact Design: Small in size but powerful in performance, perfect for discreet pleasure.
Quality Material: Made from TPE, ensuring a soft, body-safe experience.
Vibrant Color: A beautiful violet hue adds a touch of elegance to your pleasure collection.
Multi-Speed Vibration: Explore a range of sensations with multispeed vibrations.
Battery Operated: Requires 2AAA batteries (not included) for convenience and portability.
Dedicated Pleasure: Designed specifically for her, focusing on vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

The Chisa Irresistible Touch is your ticket to unforgettable pleasure, offering a unique blend of technology, intensity, and design. Whether you’re exploring new realms of satisfaction or enhancing your solo sessions, this clitoral stimulator is a must-have addition to your collection. Indulge in the irresistible touch and experience pleasure like never before.


Material: Free Of Phthalates, Tpe
Color: Violet
Length: 12.3 cm
Diameter: 3.6 cm
Vibration: Yes Multispeed
Battery: 2AAA – Not included
Dedicated: For Her
Stimulation: Vaginal