ElectraStim – Sterile Lubricant Sachets 10 Pack

Achieve optimum cleanliness during electrosex with this medical-grade sterile lubricant. 100% bacteriostatic and deliciously slippery, this quality lube is a must-have for electrosex play. Suitable for urethral dilators, urethra sounds and penis plugs.



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For the best-possible cleanliness during electrosex, use this surgical lube. Sterile, bacteriostatic and gorgeously slippery, this lube is a must for electrosex play and for the use of urethral dilators, urethra sounds and penis plugs.

Apply this sterile lube to both the toy and your body before use for a smooth and slippery experience. This specialist lube is the same as used by medical professionals for gynecological and surgical lubrication.

Each individually sealed packet contains 0.17 fl. oz of lube. 10 packets are included in total.

Contains Chlorexidine Gluconate.

Key Features:
Pack of 10 lubricated sachets for optimal hygiene during electrosex
Use a sachet of this surgical lube to coat your ElectraStim toys before insertion
Suitable for use with urethral sounds and penis plugs
Individually packaged to ensured sterility


10 individually-packaged wipes are included in each pack.