Elys – Dark Dreams Vibrating Phallic Ring

Crafted for those who dare to explore the depths of their desires, Dark Dreams is not just a phallic ring; it’s a gateway to intensified sensations and enduring encounters. Designed to embrace the base and crown, this marvel promises the feeling of a more vigorous and lasting erection, ensuring every moment is steeped in ecstasy. 🚀💖



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Dive into the realm of unparalleled pleasure with 🌌 Dark Dreams 🌌. This innovative phallic ring enhances sensations, ensuring a stronger, lasting erection. Not just that, it also stimulates the clitoris with intense vibrations during intimacy. 🌹💫

Dark Dreams is made from medical-grade silicone, free from latex and phthalates. It’s safe, allowing you to focus purely on pleasure. Plus, it’s waterproof. So, you can enjoy it anywhere – in the shower or the bath. 🛁💦

Its compact design makes it discreet and perfect for travel. The wireless remote control adds excitement, offering multiple vibration modes for endless pleasure. And, it’s rechargeable via USB, ready whenever you are. 🔋❤️

🔑 Key Features:

Colour: Sleek black and passionate red.
Length: Compact 8.7 cm.
Diameter: Comfortable 3.1 cm.
Vibration: Yes, for thrilling sensations.
Battery: USB rechargeable for convenience.
Waterproof: For adventures anywhere.

Let Dark Dreams take you on a journey to intense pleasure. It’s your secret to memorable nights. 🌙✨ Start exploring your desires today.


Key Feature:

Colour: black, red

Length: 8.7 cm

Diameter: 3.1 cm

Vibration: YES

Battery: rechargeable USB