Fetish Art – Double Spank Paddle Bitch

Enjoy dolling out swift and kinky punishment with this stylish double slapper. Brand your sub and make them your own as the indented, faux leather  handle slaps off their reddening flesh.  Leaves the “Spank me” text on the buttocks!



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High-quality black paddle in a characteristic leather look with the punched-out text “BITCH” in a contrasting red colour. The text will leave a mark on the buttocks if the paddle spanks someone hard enough (it will be back-to-front). The paddle has a wrist loop and is great to hold. It also makes an arousing, loud spanking sound when it hits the skin.

• Spanks from this indented faux leather paddle is the proper way to punish your disobedient submissive
• A double flap magnifies the pleasurable sound as it swiftly connects with flesh
• Leave a Spank mark on your playmate’s skin during kinky BDSM games

Key Features:

Complete length (without wrist loop) 32 cm. Polyurethane.


Complete length (without wrist loop) 32 Cm. Polyurethane.