Fetish Pleasure Metal Handcuffs



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Classic Metal handcuffs for bedroom bondage or as an accessory to foreplay Secure your lover’s hands together or attach them to the bed with Lovetoy’s metal Handcuffs and discover the excitement of soft bondage and restraint.
Handcuffs and restraints are popular bedroom accessories and is easy to see why. Being handcuffed s a deeply erotic experience for both partners which makes it the perfect foreplay activity Team handcuffs and blindfolds for a sexier night in.

These Metal handcuffs come with 2 keys. There is a quick release lever, in case you lose both keys.
Better use quick release lever to Just get down to business!
Ideal for playing out p-oliceman fantasies or experimenting with bedroom bondage, these sturdy handcuffs could also be used for a fancy dress costume or hen night outfit.


Key Features

Sturdy metal
Material: Iron

Product Info
Material: Iron