Fun Factory – (Im) Perfect Mom Set

Introducing the “Self Love for Moms” package: Experience pleasure, strengthen your pelvic floor, and prioritize self-care with our curated collection, featuring the luxurious MISS BI Rabbit Vibrator, SMARTBALLS love balls, informative booklet, TOYBAG, THE ESSENTIAL lubricant, and exclusive sticker sheet. Embrace your journey of motherhood with this empowering set.



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Introducing the “Self Love for Moms” package, a delightful collection curated specifically for moms seeking self-care and empowerment. Let’s explore what’s inside this rejuvenating set:

  1. MISS BI Rabbit Vibrator: Experience gentle rediscovery of pleasure as this high-quality vibrator massages your G-spot and clitoris with its dual motors, offering a range of customizable vibrations. Perfect for relaxed “Me Time,” rekindling intimacy, and boosting your libido.
  2. SMARTBALL UNO & SMARTBALLS DUO Love Balls: Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with these innovative love balls. As you go about your daily routine, the freely movable weights inside rotate, providing effective stimulation. Accompanied by exercises from our expert-developed booklet, these love balls are your allies on the journey to post-pregnancy wellness.
  3. Informative Booklet: This 44-page guide goes beyond being an instruction manual. It offers insightful answers to common post-birth questions, relieves pressure, and provides expert exercises for gentle pelvic floor training. Plus, find witty responses to the inappropriate comments faced by mothers of babies and toddlers.
  4. TOYBAG M: A practical and washable storage bag designed to keep your products clean and discreetly tucked away.
  5. THE ESSENTIAL Lubricant from VEDRA: Enjoy long-lasting suppleness and enhanced pleasure during your intimate moments with this water-based lubricant. Vegan and pH-neutral, it’s the perfect companion for your adventures with MISS BI and SMARTBALLS.
  6. Exclusive Sticker Sheet: Have some fun and add a touch of personality to your surroundings with this sticker sheet featuring hilarious statements designed by Fiona Tretau, a mom of three and activist from The Prop Corner.

With the “Self Love for Moms” package, embrace the beauty of self-care, celebrate your journey of motherhood, and prioritize your well-being. Experience pleasure, strengthen your pelvic floor, and rediscover the empowered woman within you.


Key Features:

100 % body-friendly SMARTBALL(S)
UNO & DUO love balls to strengthen the pelvic floor
Including TOYBAG & booklet with exercises for pelvic floor training developed by experts
And: precious THE ESSENTIAL lubricant by VEDRA