Fun Factory Toy Cleaner & Hygiene Spray 75ml

Fun Factory has invented this easy to use hygienic spray to cleanse sex-toys and sensitive areas of the body. It is safe, effective and gentle. With sex toys, in particular, it is important to keep them clean for safe, healthy use, and to keep them lasting for as long as possible. This spray does just that and doubles as up as a personal hygiene spray. It is formulated to be potent against any harmful bacteria, germs and fungus, but gentle enough for the body.



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Sex is allowed to get a little dirty at times, but otherwise particularly love toys should stay clean to keep the pleasure going. FUN FACTORY CLEANER is just the thing. The hygiene spray cleans erotic toys gently yet thoroughly. Plus the FUN FACTORY CLEANER can also be used in the genital area to combat germs, bacteria and fungus. FUN FACTORY CLEANER comes in a sleek aluminum dispenser (75 ml) with a spray nozzle.

This cleansing spray comes in an aluminium dispenser with pump nozzle. The subtle and simple design makes the bottle blend in with any collection of regular hygiene products. Use this to ensure sex toys are safe, and hygienic before use and to help keep them in top condition. This is a simple but through all-round product from Fun Factory.

TOYCLEANER. Because there is no alternative for hygiene.

hygiene spray
for use also in genital area
reduces germs, fungus and bacteria
cleans sex toys
gentle, yet thorough
aluminum dispenser with pump nozzle


FUN FACTORY CLEANER comes in a sleek aluminum dispenser (75 ml) with a spray nozzle.