Heavy Metal Anal Beads

Sexy and erotic, the Heavy Metal Anal Beads will slide into your anus giving you a cold, filling buzz. You can experiment with this sex toy wherever you like – they can be worn underneath your clothes, and are easily retrieved by a pull on the loop metal cord. Feel the uncontrollable climax as you extract the wonderful solid, shiny anal beads.



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An essential and exciting toy for the ultimate climax. Heavy Metal Anal Beads the ultimate weapon against the hard to please! These Heavy Metal beads feature solid weight, which gives you the confidence you need to go at it harder and longer.

For those who want more from their anal sex toys then the Heavy Metal Anal Beads are a perfect choice. The 4 highly polished metal beads are equally spaced on a 30 cm string can be cooled or warmed adding amazing sensations to your anal play routine. Slip them in and give them a tug when you’re ready to go over the edge! Don’t forget the lube from PleasureStore!


Black anal beads.
Length: 28 cm