Jamyjob – Discreet Pussy Experience Masturbator



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Upgrade your hand-job with the Jamyjob Pussy Experience Masturbator. Long gone are the days of an aching wrist as you put this unmissable masturbator in the driving seat. Transforming your solo sessions and heightening every sensation, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner. Its discreet casing is perfect for nosy housemates and secret play. Wrap your hand around the ergonomically designed, hourglass casing for a comfortable grip and total control. Flip off the lid and reveal your lifelike opening. You wont be able to resist this tight pussy, the supple, skin-like material is impossible to resist. Feel it wrap around your hard cock as you slip deep inside the realistic opening and into a texture of climactic promise. Teasing ridges and massaging bumps rub and surround your penis as you stroke back and forth.

• Take your solo sessions to the next level as you’re brought to climax night after night
• Slip inside the soft, lifelike opening and be surrounded by teasing, massaging textures
• Be thrilled by the tight pussy

Instructions for use;

Apply a paraben-free water-based lubricant from PleasureStore before use.

After use, clean it with neutral ph soap and warm water, if the ejaculation has occurred inside, remove the sleeve, place it under water and clean it with neutral ph soap, let it dry and it will be ready for use again.

Vagina form.
Material; TPR free of phalatos