Joydivision AQUAglide Personal Lubricant 75 ml

Discover the secret to unforgettable lovemaking with Joydivision AQUAglide Personal Lubricant. Let it guide you and your partner to new heights of pleasure, making every moment together even more thrilling. Your journey to enhanced intimacy starts now! 💖🔥



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Elevate your intimate experiences with Joydivision AQUAglide Personal Lubricant 75 ml, the ultimate partner for endless hours of sensual pleasure! 💧✨

This water-based lubricant is a light, reliable solution for enhancing natural lubrication, offering a smoother, more delightful experience. Whether you’re looking to intensify sensations or simply enjoy the thrill of lovemaking with added ease, AQUAglide delivers.

Cherished across Europe and backed by over a decade of popularity, AQUAglide’s appeal is undeniable. Its status as a medical-grade product, water-soluble and fat-free composition, and constant quality control ensure a premium experience. Plus, it’s ideal for oral fun, offers long-lasting lubrication, and is pH-optimized for your comfort and safety. 🌟

With its highly effective formula, you’ll find that a little goes a long way. Proudly made in Germany, AQUAglide is rigorously tested both medically and dermatologically, guaranteeing your pleasure without compromise. 🇩🇪💕

The Many Advantages of AQUAglide:

Medical-grade approval
Water-soluble and fat-free
Constant quality checks
Suitable for oral enjoyment
Long-lasting lubrication
Efficient usage
Made in Germany
Regular medical and dermatological testing
Condom compatibility


The many advantages of AQUAglide:
– approved as a medical-grade product
– water-soluble and fat-free
– subject to constant quality control
– also suitable for oral intercourse
– features long-lasting lubricating properties
– pH-optimised
– highly effective, with a little going a long way
– made in Germany
– subject to regular medical and dermatological testing
– suitable for use with condoms