Joydivision – Bioglide Natural Strawberry Personal Lubricant 80 ml

Embrace Bioglide Strawberry for a naturally sweetened journey to pleasure. Remember, for the freshest sensations, use it within 6 months of opening. Let this pioneering lubricant be your guide to a world where intimacy is both delicious and delightful. 🍓✨ Your adventure towards enhanced, eco-friendly pleasure starts now.



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Discover the sweet revolution in intimate care with Bioglide Strawberry, a 100% natural, water-based lubricant that infuses your private moments with the luscious taste of strawberries. 🍓💧

Elevate every encounter with this exquisite lubricant, designed to enhance lubrication and add a deliciously exciting twist to oral pleasures. Its silky-smooth texture promises not just moisture and nourishment but an unmatched glide that intensifies the joy of intimacy, all without any unwanted smells. 🌟

Safety and satisfaction go hand in hand with Bioglide Strawberry. Dermatologically tested and devoid of sugar, synthetic fragrances, and parabens, it guarantees a carefree experience. Plus, it’s perfectly compatible with latex condoms and silicone toys, making it a versatile companion for all kinds of play – vaginal, anal, or oral. 🌈

Proudly crafted in Germany, this lubricant champions not only your pleasure but also your values, with its 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. It’s an eco-conscious choice that doesn’t compromise on performance. 🌍💚

🔑 Key Features:

Volume: Generous 80ml.
Cruelty-free, sugar-free, bio-vegan compatible.


Key features:


Cruelty free

Sugar free

Bio – vegan compatible