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Maximum pleasure for both of you! Fun Skin condoms will boost your sex life due to very outstanding dots and ribs design.

Fun Skin condoms have a unique and special patented design with alternating and very prominent dots and ribs. These dots and ribs give both partners the maximum feeling and pleasure.

Extra lubricant
MoreAmore Fun Skin condoms have extra lubricating gel. The extra gel allows more comfort and prevents damaging the condom when being used. Extra lubrication also makes sure you have more fun. When you’re going to use more lubricant make sure that the one you use is safe with latex condoms.

Fun Skin condoms are made of silky soft high quality latex. They have a pleasant appealing scent. People can be allergic to latex and in exceptional cases that can lead to an anafylactic shock.


Material: Natural rubber latex
Lubricant: Silicon oil
Shape: Specially shaped condom with teat
Nominal width: 53mm
Length: 180mm
Colour: Transparant
Texture: Dots and ribs
Thickness: 85 micron
Condom Foil: Square