Mystim – Thin Finn E-Stim Urethral Sound

Mystim – Thin Finn E-Stim Urethral Sound With Discreet Billing & Fast Free Delivery From

This Mystim Thin Finn is long and smooth and perfectly suitable for the special stimulation of the penis. With some practice its 0,8 cm can be inserted easily into the urethra, and then create a stimulation like you have never felt before.

Made of aluminium and accurately polished by hand. It can be warmed by the heater or cooled in the refrigerator. The temperature is long running and top level feelings can be guaranteed.



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Hand polished to seamlessly smooth perfection, the Thin Finn from mystim embodies the absolute edge of pleasurable play, enabling deeply placed penile stimulation and sensational electro-conductivity. Definitely suited to advanced users, this extra long urethral sound features nearly ten inches of insertable length tipped by a precision-pointed head, a extremely sturdy, unyielding feel, and mind-blowing temperature-play potential along with electrostim compatibility.

Stretching the ultra sensitive urethral opening and penetrating deeply along the nerve-ending rich urethral canal, the Finn inspires some truly unique, absolutely spellbinding sensations even without the addition of customizable electrical impulses. By simply attaching the Finn’s bipolar plug to a compatible electrostim device, this unique tool will transmit pulses, taps and waves of stimulation throughout the length.

The medical grade aluminum comprising Finn is inherently hygienic, being completely nonporous, resistant to bacteria (with cleaning) and able to be easily sterilized via boiling or bleaching. Any type of lubricant can technically be used with Finn, though a sterile, one-time use medical grade formula is recommended for health reasons. On that note, be sure to follow sterile procedures during cleansing and use for your safety and comfort. Simply avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this tool suitable for years and years of enjoyment.

* Compatible with all Mystim devices. Pictured Pure Vibes unit sold separately.


length: approx. 25 cm
diameter: approx. 0,8 cm
weight: approx. 40 g
material: polished medical aluminium